The Story of Oscar Paris

The history of the Oscar Paris Fashion House is above all a family affair. Everything began in a small town in Italy there where Oscar Giola officiated as a tailor, appreciated and renowned in his northern area. From there, the transmission from father to son continued as the noble profession was passed on through generations. 

Today, Oscar Paris grows around the world and is recognized for its semi-traditional way. Oscar Paris attracts faithful and new customers with its constant creativity and authentic style consistent with French expertise. Exported to hundreds of worldwide sales points, Oscar Paris is a renowned benchmark of elegance to the French as well as the rest of the world. Regarding suits, two main lines emerge. Firstly, there is the City fashion line for elegant daywear, and secondly, there is the formal ceremony line for the grand occasions that will mark your life.

Moreover, there is an evident passion for shirts within the Oscar Paris Fashion House. Every season, new models are designed to offer exciting new styles that range from the classic to chic city wear and creatively designed fantasy shirts. All designs are exclusively made in limited edition - offering a unique image of modern-day masculine elegance- from season to season.